Melville International Backpackers


Melville International Backpackers (MIB)

Johannesburg, the city of gold, an exiting destination of choice, with so much to do and so little time!

Melville in Johannesburg is the epicentre, where young and old gather to peruse the city. It is also an historic and hip part of Johannesburg, where the locals and tourists sit in restaurants, soaking up the street vibe, watching the people while they relax with a beer or a bottle of wine, and mingling in this positive metropolitan vibe.

For most tourists the question of where to stay in Johannesburg is a very important one as you want to be close to the action - restaurants, shops and clubs - but not so close as to have the noise of music glaring in the background or the base beat reverberating, or the loud voices of the drunk club patrons making their way home.

You want to enjoy yourself of course but then you want the tranquillity of a quiet safe heaven, walking distance away from a more lively scene, so as to make your coming and going easy. You want friendly well-mannered guests to mingle with that have something in common with you. This way everyone can share in the relaxing atmosphere, whether it is lounging by the pool or making breakfast in the communal kitchen.

Peter van der Merwe, the owner and host of Melville International Backpackers, thinks the host’s place is in the background, making sure everything is happening on cue but definitely not the centre of the proceedings.  He thinks it is his role to set the scene and make sure the vibe is right, so that the guests find it effortless to simply enjoy themselves.

There is so much to do for tourists in Johannesburg and the surrounding areas. With this in mind he has selected the two best tour guides in Johannesburg to help his guests make the most of their stay.

Melville is very well known throughout South Africa because of the popular TV daily television series, called 7de Laan, which is set in Melville Johannesburg.

Peter is very selective in accepting guests. He caters primarily for international guests and from time to time guests from Cape Town, or a tour group where he has made sure that his guests will be quiet at night and well behaved. He says the party places are close by so if you want loud music and to let down steam in a noisy way, then go do it there, and come back when you want a quite nights rest.

Peter is also extremely knowledgeable, as he has been in the hospitality industry for a long time, with a great deal of experience in how to help his guests be happy and content, giving them all the options they need to ensure that they have a fantastic stay. He is also able to enable them find and see all the wonderful scenery in and around Johannesburg and Gauteng.

So if you are planning a trip to Johannesburg South Africa, Melville International Backpackers is the number one destination. Let the shuttle service drop you off at the entrance from Johannesburg International Airport, it is safe and convenient!

As an approved agent for "BAZBUS", South Africa's hassle-free hop-on hop-off door-to-door backpacker's bus service you will be conveniently dropped right at our doorway, no heavy bags between airport, bus and trains or getting lost in a strange city.

What we are:
Melville International Backpackers is close to the hustle and bustle of shops, pubs, restaurants and clubs however far enough away not to have the noise that is associated with it, so we are the tranquil backpackers, with us things start winding down at about 10pm since our visitors party elsewhere and find quite time and rest with us.

Melville International Backpackers cater for the well mannered considerate travelers, that want a safe quit friendly atmosphere to relax in, that use our backpackers as the base for there exploration of Johannesburg and surroundings

What we are not:
Melville International Backpackers is not a party venue with late-night music with laud obnoxious people.